Will Farrell

Hello. I'm a developer. It's nice.

On being a developer.

I'm a full-stack (think pancakes) developer and architect at MojoTech where I use and teach Clojure, Bash, and a whole slew of other tools. I automate our Debian servers with Ansible, and keep our applications running with Docker. Lately, I've been working on some open source Clojure projects, like Aviary and Hawk. This paragraph was happily written in Neovim.

But not just a developer.

I live in Providence and ride my bike to work. I also make music, sometimes digitally, and sometimes the old-fashioned analog way (with a piano, or a guitar). Calling me a foodie wouldn't be inaccurate. I was Edward James Olmos for Halloween (from Stand and Deliver, not Battlestar Galactica). The rest of the time I'm just myself.

On reaching out.

To see what I've been up to, check out a selection of my work on GitHub (though most of my day is spent on closed source projects). Email me to say something privately. Use Twitter to say something publicly.